Where does my donation go?

Bartlett Housing Solutions is a not-for-profit organization meaning that every donation goes to supplying our clients with their basic needs, providing meals, and keeping the lights on. Even small donations can go a long way to a person in need.

Donations can be translated in the following way:

$20: 5 dinners for children

$50: Pays for one month of an electricity bill for a newly housed tennant

$100: Startup supplies for a new apartment

$300: A week of meals (+snacks) for 12 men and women

$500: Rent or a security deposit to house a new client

$1000: 133 nights of Shelter and services for a working homeless person

Do you take corporate donations?

Sponsorships are offered at different levels to allow businesses to choose a level with which you feel most comfortable. We are proud of the work we are doing in our community and excited to let people know you’ve helped us to advance our mission to end homelessness in our community.

The following are the tiers that we offer, though we are happy to work with you on any type of sponsorship you see fit:

Par: $120 – $250 / $10 – $20 mo.

Birdie: $251 – $375 / $20 – $31 mo.

Eagle: $300 – $500 / $25 – $42 mo.

Hole in One: $501 or more / $42 mo. or more

Bartlett Housing Solutions has focused its mission on getting people back into housing as quickly as possible and then working with them to keep them housed. We are focused on permanent solutions to homelessness, not simply providing a temporary one.

Donations can be made @ https://www.bartletthousingsolutions.org/get-involved/donations/, in-person, or mailed to:
Keri DeMasi, Executive Director, 10 West Run Road, Suite 200, Morgantown, WV 26508