Rapid Re-Housing

Once the client is ready to move beyond the transitional housing program, they then move into our Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) Program. This community-based program aims to return individuals and families to housing as quickly as possible and then provide comprehensive in-home case management for a minimum of 1 year. In this program, our case management team is focused on housing stabilization and sustainability.


A great deal of time and care goes into finding the appropriate housing, based on the individual and specific needs of our client. Our team ensures that their transportation, employment, educational and medical needs are met in order for them to be best positioned to succeed.


Rapid Re-Housing is an immediate way to end homelessness for families and individuals. This program aims to help in three steps:

  • FIND HOUSING. We help people quickly find housing within one month or less.
  • PAY FOR HOUSING. We will help our clients pay for housing short term, while long term help is an option.
  • STAY IN HOUSING. We provide our clients with access to the needed services and resources to help stay in housing.


Our Rapid Re-Housing Program also provides financial assistance for community-based housing in the form of security deposits, monthly rent and utility costs. The goal of this program is to assist participants in returning to housing as quickly as possible while also ensuring that housing is sustainable when our assistance period ends.


Clients work with their case managers during home visits to strengthen their financial situation by becoming self-sufficient. Case managers assist with transportation needs, coordination of community resources, employment and children care assistance, budgeting, rental subsidy applications/orientation, medical and mental health coordination as well as any other impediments to the client’s housing sustainability.




To be eligible for the Bartlett Housing Solutions Rapid Re-Housing Program, our clients must be willing to sign and follow the participation agreement.  This agreement requires clients to meet with a case manager and develop objectives that focus on maintaining permanent housing. Case management is provided for at least 12 months.

For more information on the Rapid Re-Housing program, please contact our Case Management Team at 304.292.0101.

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