Joint Transitional Housing

Bartlett Housing Solutions offers Transitional Housing, or Bridge Housing, programs for our clients. This program targets and prioritizes two growing and vulnerable subpopulations of folks experiencing homelessness: families with children and youth ages 18-24. Although it serves all demographics, priority is given to those in the targeted populations.

Our Transitional Housing Program is located on the 1st & 2nd floors of our West Run facility, in our Nitor Suites. This facility was named from the Latin word, Nitor, meaning ‘to support and trust in oneself.’

The goal of the Transitional Housing Program is to provide our residents with a safe, temporary shelter as well as case management services. These two services are the essential components to allow our residents to become more stable as they work to attain safe, sustainable housing upon exiting the program.  This program is structured in a way that strives to transition the residents into the next phase within a 6-month window.

Our Transitional Housing Program is a client-driven program that allows participants to utilize suite-style rooms with private baths and community common areas while working on and identifying a community housing plan to transition to permanent housing. We have tailored the program to provide the support and structure for our clients to continue to increase their independence. Some of the key aspects include:

  • Clients pay a percentage of their income (no more than 30% of their AGI)
  • Clients are able to work directly with a case manager
  • Receive 3 meals daily, 7 days a week
  • Have access to our laundry facilities and day room
  • Provided with transportation options

While in our transitional program, our case management team focuses on two primary areas for our clients. First, a timeline for their permanent housing placement, followed by the coordination of resources to promote sustainability once housed. Clients determine the amount of time needed to utilize the transitional housing component before moving on to the next component of this program: rapid re-housing.



To be eligible for our Transitional Housing, or Bridge Housing Program, our residents:

  • Must meet HUD’s definition of homeless.
  • Must be willing to sign and follow the participation agreement.  This agreement requires case management, the establishment of individualized goals, and obtaining financial security and housing stability in no longer than 6 months.
  • Follow HOME and SHP guidelines related to income limits and required documentation.

Anyone desiring to enter our Joint Housing Program needs to schedule an intake appointment with the Triage Coordinator. The Triage Coordinators can be reached at 304.292.0101 or by visiting the Triage Shelter.  Clients currently staying at the Triage Shelter can speak with a staff member concerning the Bridge Housing Program.

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