Volunteer Spotlight: Sigma Phi Delta!

Alan Brockman, Sigma Phi Delta, President says, “It is an honor to be recognized by Bartlett Housing Solutions! Sigma Phi Delta has been volunteering with Bartlett for several years, starting Downtown (when you were still called Bartlett House) and recently moving to the West Run location. Through Bartlett, our Brothers have had the opportunity to give back to the community and create meaningful experiences.”

The Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity has, since its founding on April 11, 1924 at the University of Southern California, has been a Professional-Social Fraternity of Engineers. We are Professional in that, unlike the General Fraternity, we admit to membership only students enrolled or working in a curriculum, or program, leading toward a degree in engineering; and that we encourage our members to give the fullest support to the faculty of the Colleges and Schools of Engineering throughout North America. Each week we are at Bartlett Housing Solutions, and we find ourselves helping Rick Green, the Facilities Manager in many ways; serving food, cleaning facilities, doing yard work, organizing supplies, and even renovating units for their next resident.

As an organization, we are striving to set an expectation for our younger members to continually give back to their community. We appreciate the continued flexibility and opportunity that Bartlett House provides to us every year!”