Pet-Friendly Shelter

Bartlett Housing Solutions understands that for many of us, our pets are more than just animals, they are family. Often, these companions are the reason our clients are able to push through a tough night or challenging time. Because of this, we have taken the steps to be a pet-friendly organization and therefore allow pets in our programs. 


However, our team still holds the safety and comfort of our clients as our top priority. We need to ensure that there are no issues or safety concerns for others as a result of the temperament or aggressiveness of your animal. 


Therefore, if you are homeless and have a pet; we recommend that you contact us before checking in so that we can plan accordingly.


Additionally, participants with pets are required to show proof of current vaccination records, keep their pets on a leash, take proper care of and clean up after their pet and be willing to follow our Pet Policy while staying in our programs.