Our Most Vulnerable Need Your Help

To our greater community:

This past week, Bartlett Housing Solutions suffered a huge setback as our Triage Shelter was hit by a severe storm microburst and now has extensive damage to the roof and facility. Last year, we relocated our Triage Shelter to Hazel’s House of Hope, previously the Ramada Inn, to better serve our homeless community. The triage shelter provides support and services to some of our most vulnerable individuals facing homelessness, and serves as their first step towards help, assistance and recovery.

But now we need your help! The damage has forced us to find additional means and resources for serving our homeless community, which is currently averaging $1,000/night to house those displaced by the storm. We are determined to continue our mission of taking care of our residents, but only have limited resources.

We are asking for donations to help us continue to serve and assist our homeless community, who are already facing a number of challenges and obstacles. We ask you to please give what you can, share our request with anyone you know who might be able to help, either through direct giving or sharing on social media. You can even start your own personal fundraising campaign to help us. You can see details on that here.

We are so grateful for any way you can help.

Help Us Reach Our Goal!