Intoducing our Newest Team Member, Randall Brown

Bartlett Housing Solutions is excited to introduce our newest team member: Randall Brown!

Randall will be joining our Case Management Team as the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Lead. He will be working in our PSH program which houses 16 chronically homeless individuals with an underlying disability (substance abuse disorder, mental illness etc.)

Additionally, Randall will be implementing his Addictive Behavior Awareness (ABA) class that he personally developed and copyrighted over 23 years of working with those suffering with substance abuse disorder. The class will be held 2 times per week for each program and will aim to support those suffering with addiction to find a road to recovery. Randall has decades of experience in this field and currently serves as West Virginia’s longest serving peer recovery coach.

Addiction has become a crisis nationwide and in our community. Bartlett Housing Solutions is dedicated to helping those battling this disease acquire necessary treatment and/or support and feel confident Randall and his ABA program will be pivotal in eliciting positive change amongst our clients battling with substance abuse disorder.