Does Bartlett Housing Solutions only help the homeless?

​The mission of Bartlett Housing Solutions is to house, provide supportive services, and help break the cycle of homelessness. We are committed to providing an environment that meets a person’s basic needs in an atmosphere where people are treated with dignity and respect.

​Bartlett Housing Solutions recognizes that homelessness is a growing social problem throughout the United States and West Virginia. The philosophy of Bartlett Housing Solutions is that persons who lack resources to provide for themselves shelter, food, and medical attention should have those necessities provided for them. Although Bartlett House does not want to foster dependency, we feel it is important to offer homeless people a way to break the cycle of homelessness; thus, we provide the resources to do so.

​Bartlett House Solutions addresses the problems of homelessness in Monongalia County by meeting the following objectives:

  • Utilizing the Housing-First model arrange for emergency, bridge, or supportive housing for homeless individuals who have insufficient resources to provide for these necessities.
  • Provide social casework and other services necessary to assist with developing and implementing a realistic plan for remedying an individual’s homelessness.
  • Work with community groups and agencies to develop additional resources to meet the needs of the homeless population.