5 Reasons Why the Crafts & Laughs Fundraiser is Worth Your Time

We want 2020 to be a revolutionary year for Morgantown, WV. With your help, we can get as many people off the streets as possible and into warm, safe homes for the winter. However, why not help those in need and still have fun? That is why we put together The Crafts & Laughs New Year’s Eve Fundraiser, because you can still give a lot while eating, drinking, and having a great time with friends.

So before you plan on going out of town for New Year’s consider these reasons why you should stay:

1. You’re supporting your local community

The 2nd Annual Crafts and Laughs New Year’s Eve Fundraiser is put on in collaboration with Bartlett Housing Solutions, Mountain State Brewing Company, and The Fearless Fools. All of which are companies based in Morgantown, WV and benefit to coming together to celebrate ringing in the New Year. All proceeds will go to finding housing solutions to people right here in Morgantown.

2. You won’t go hungry

If you’ve been to Mountain State Brewing Company, you know that their wood-fired pizza is out of this world; but did you know that they will have a whole pizza and appetizer BUFFET that comes with the admission for this event? If you haven’t tried their pizza, this event is the perfect opportunity to try one of every kind (don’t worry, the New Year’s resolutions don’t start until after this event). So with pizza, appetizers, and craft beers on tap, you’re sure to be well fed.

3. Entertainment is included

This event has constant shows going on that will be sure to make you laugh. At 9pm, Cody Cannon and Co. will be performing and then at 10:30pm, the local improv group, The Fearless Fools will be performing. So if you haven’t attended an improv show before, now if the time! It’s always fun to see what the performers do with the audience’s suggestions.

4. There’s a chance to win gifts

As if bringing home great memories isn’t enough, you also have the opportunity to bring home great gifts in our silent auction! Not only is it nice to come home with something, but the money raised during the auction will also go to helping people in your local community find sustainable housing solutions. It’s a win-win!

5. All the New Year’s traditions you love will be there

Of course, it wouldn’t be a New Year’s celebration without a toast! Each ticket comes with a glass of champagne and a cupcake so you can be sure to ring in the New Year exactly how you envisioned it. With a glass of champagne, surrounded by happy people with full bellies.

The Crafts & Laughs New Year’s Fundraiser will take place Dec. 31st at Mountain State Brewing Company at 8pm. Tickets are available here.

We hope to see you there!